Everything old is new again

Under the heading everything old is new again, I regret to bring to your attention that once again we will have medical school ethnic quotas, this time in the state of Massachusetts and this time it's probably unconstitutional. From Anthony Paletta at Minding the Campus :Roger Clegg writes on a shocking new University of Massachusetts set-aside program over at Phi Beta Cons:The Boston Globe reports that the University of Massachusetts is setting up a med-school set-aside program: "Under an initiative set to be finalized today, the state's only public medical school [i.e., at UMass] will partner with UMass campuses in Boston, Amherst, Lowell, and Dartmouth to create a joint baccalaureate-MD program that would ensure admission for aspiring doctors from underrepresented ethnic and socioeconomic groups. . . . The medical school will set aside 12 slots in its 125-student, first-year class for qualified students from groups underrepresented among Massachusetts doctors....(Read Full Post)