What About Holding People Accountable?

The U.S. Transportation Safety Administration has responded to the aborted bombing of a NW Airlines plane in Detroit with its usual inanity: make the passengers suffer more, in this case by forcing inbound international flight passengers to remain seated a full hour before planes are due to land. As the attempted bomber was sitting at the time of the event, it is hard to imagine what, if anything, TSA is thinking of, except perhaps that passengers are stupid enough to continue to believe such measures provide any security at all.I have another idea: Let's start holding people in the responsible bureaucracies accountable for their negligence.As the events are uncovered it appears we knew for at least 6 months that this man was a security threat. His father said he told the U.S. Embassy officials in Nigeria that his son was a threat and should be banned from entering the US.And our response? His name on the passenger manifest was cleared for entry:American security agencies...(Read Full Post)