Tibet, Dalai Lama thrown under the bus by Obama

 In order to be able to stand on principle, one would have to have some principles to start with.  Clearly this is not a problem for Barack Obama as he neared completion of his administration's abandonment of the Tibetan people in their desire to remain autonomous and throw off the yoke of Chinese Communist domination.The Times of India reports:"We did note that while we recognise that Tibet is part of the People's Republic of China, the United States supports the early resumption of dialogue" between the Dalai Lama's representatives and Beijing," Obama said after his meeting with Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao." A dialogue about what?  If the U.S. concedes that Tibet is merely a part of China, what bargaining chips remain for the Dalai Lama to use with the Chi-Comms?  Our weak-kneed Bower-in-Chief has scraped before the Chinese leaders he so desperately needs to prevent his insane economic policies from destroying the American economy, as he...(Read Full Post)