The Parsi-Ney relationship and the faux Iranian 'peace offer'

Periodically, George W. Bush was attacked over the years for refusing to negotiate with Iran. Promoters of engagement with Iran (who soft-pedaled Iran's nuclear program and support of terrorism) often cite the so-called Guldimann Memorandum as "proof" that Iran sought talks, only to be rebuffed by America and by Bush. What was the Guldimann Memorandum and why should we be newly suspicious of its bona fides given the controversy swirling about Trita Parsi and the National Iranian American Council (a group Parsi established and heads and that may operate illegally as a lobby for the Iranian regime)? The Memorandum was a purported to be a 2003 Iranian offer of a grand bargain to resolve all disputes between America and Iran. The offer did not originate with Iran but from the hands of Tim Guldimann, a Swiss diplomat with an obsession to work out a deal between America and Iran (at the time, he was stationed in Iran representing US interests, as we had closed our embassy in...(Read Full Post)