Palin on the Run?

I’ve read some misguided partisan ranting before, but the piece, “Gone Rogue” (how original) by Newsweek’s Evan Thomas is in a class by itself. That it passes for a news story is telling of how detached the elitists in media really are.Nothing exceptionally newsworthy is going on (a book tour!), yet we are witnessing a foaming hysteria from all fronts of the liberal establishment. And, we must ask: Why? Sarah Palin is merely promoting her book.The degree to which the left fears Palin is astonishing.The former governor isn’t even talking about running for office and yet Newsweek proactively displays Palin on its cover in running shorts with the flattering words: “She’s Bad News for the GOP—And for Everyone Else, Too.” She’s bad and it’s driving liberals mad.The Associated Press assembled 11 “journalists” to “fact check” Palin’s book. (Conservatives are still waiting for the AP dream team to...(Read Full Post)