Obama's 'Delayed Empathy' over Fort Hood Massacre

This hasn't gotten half the play it should have and for good reason; President Obama's weird, off-putting introduction to his remarks about the Fort Hood massacre reveal him to be something of a cold fish. Obama's shocking insensitivity was first noticed by Robert George writing in the president's home town TV news station WMAQ: After news broke out of the shooting at the Fort Hood Army post in Texas, the nation watched in horror as the toll of dead and injured climbed. The White House was notified immediately and by late afternoon, word went out that the president would speak about the incident prior to a previously scheduled appearance. At about 5 p.m., cable stations went to the president. The situation called for not only his trademark eloquence, but also grace and perspective.But instead of a somber chief executive offering reassuring words and expressions of sympathy and compassion, viewers saw a wildly disconnected and inappropriately light president making introductory...(Read Full Post)