Netanyahu on the capture of Iranian ship loaded with arms

In his usual forthright manner, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu forcefully labeled the contents of a disguised heavy weapons laden ship sent by Iran, bound for Syria and then ultimately to Hezb'allah in Lebanon. It was a ship whose purpose wasto attack and kill as many civilians - women, children and the elderly - as possible. It was a war crime of such dimension that he called uponthe UN General Assembly, which is meeting today, should investigate, discuss and condemn. This is a war crime that should prompt the UN Security Council to convene in special session, especially since it was in gross violation of UN Security Council resolutions. This is a war crime which we know the Iranian regime intends to repeat, further arming Hezbollah, which has already fired thousands of missiles at our communities. Having extensive experience, Netanyahu is not a starry eyed fool hoping that the UN's eyes will finally be opened to the evil that Iran, Syria and others are plotting. This...(Read Full Post)