Obama's bad week

That peculiar sound you hear is the sound of ten million of your tax dollars being flushed down Barack Obama's ego. Obama returned to Washington Friday from a Olympic lobbying junket that went over even flatter than his healthcare numbers.The Lobbyist in Chief, who railed against lobbyists during the 2008 campaign, had a rough week. After laying a trap to ensnare the mullahs of Tehran over their nuclear ambitions, Obama was rolled in Geneva by the Iranians, who had tricked him into accepting another round of delaying tactics.He was publicly embarrassed by his top general in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, who admitted to 60 Minutes that Obama had talked to him exactly once. (McChrystal was hastily called to Denmark to meet with Obama on Air Force One for 25 minutes.)Obama's poll numbers continue to droop even lower than David Letterman's morals, and Gallup reports more and more of the public are aligning themselves with Republicans. ObamaCare remains bottled up in Congress, even as...(Read Full Post)