Late Night sexual harrassment

Several months ago I suggested that David Letterman was threatened by strong, successful--and apparently happy--women who had good relationships with spouse, family, friends and job. This was one of the reasons he felt compelled to put her down with a truly tasteless crack--I wouldn't call it a joke--about her daughter thus debasing himself even more. Nell Scovell's article in, Letterman and Me, appearing after Letterman was forced to admit, after an extortion attempt, that he had sex with female staffers, seems to confirm that observation. One of the very few women to write for the Letterman show, Scovell recalls a hostile, sexually charged atmosphere. (snip)There's a subset of sexual harassment called sexual favoritism that, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, can lead to a "hostile work environment," often "creating an atmosphere that is demeaning to women."And that pretty much sums up my experience at Late Night with...(Read Full Post)