A tale of two rallies

Tom Maguire compares and contrasts two rallies and the press coverage of them: The huge anti-Obama rally in Washington D.C. and the rally in Minneapolis which drew 15,000 people to an arena that holds 20,000.The DC Tea-PartyMatt Welch reports his impressions.And The NY Times practices some crowd control with these dueling headlines:1 - Thousands Rally in Minnesota Behind Obama's Call for Health Care Overhaul and2 - Thousands Rally in Capital to Protest Big GovernmentObama performed in a basketball arena, the Target Center, which seats around 20,000; the crowd was estimated at 15,000.  In a moment of candor the Times even gives away their mission:On a day when demonstrators crammed onto the west lawn of the Capitol to protest what they regard as Mr. Obama's brand of big government, including his health plan, the images of screaming, cheering Obama supporters here provided a welcome visual counterpoint for the White House.Crowd estimates at the Washington DC event were more...(Read Full Post)