Obama merchandise news

Do you want to buy merchandise featuring our 44th president? There are some odd things going on out there in the wonderful world of Barack Obama commemorative gewgaws.Reader Mary Yonts notes:Just out of curiosity, I was looking at eBay, and typed in "Obama collectible."  Out of 200+ hits, I saw one bid for a true Obama collectible, but several for dollar bills spoofing "The Won."  Everything else showed no bids.I wonder if it means anything?Another reader who prefers anonymity notes:Google:Bill Clinton Voodoo Kit Hillary Clinton Voodoo KitGeorge Bush Voodoo KitBarack Obama Voodoo KitOops, it seems they stopped making them when BO got elected. Guess it seems in poor taste. What a coincidence.Update: Ethel C Fenig notes:You forgot this wonderful case of suppressing freedom of speech, not to mention commerce.  I just wonder about the content of the "complaints" and who made them.  Anyway, I'm glad to report I've seen ads for theObama chia...(Read Full Post)