Voters are Smarter than Media Thinks

Michael Barone, writing for the Washington Examiner, notes that people are smarter than the press thinks they are, noting a recent Pew poll:My conclusion: Americans are pretty knowledgable about our economic problems, and as they watch public policy evolve they’re becoming more wary of major government involvement in the economy. The tea party participants, (whose numbers have been estimated at “300,000+,” by Obama backer Nate Silver of and “more than 623,000,” by tea party sympathizers at,) are evidently more in line with the trend of widespread public opinion than the mainstream media would like you to think."That's not all though--Republicans are the smartest:You can forget, as you go about your daily work, the name of the Secretary of the Treasury, even while remembering significant things about him (he has Wall Street experience, he didn’t pay all of his taxes). But the Pew interviewers found that...(Read Full Post)