More Obama appointee trouble

Has ever a new Administration had more trouble with its appointees? If so, I don't remember it. Thursday the FBI arrested two officials of D.C.'s Office of Technology which until recently was headed by Vivek Kundra, the President's pick to head his information office. While the FBI says he's not a target, Kundra who just began his new position is taking a leave of absence.A senior White House official tells NBC News that the president's choice to be the nation's chief information officer, Vivek Kundra, has taken a leave from his position until further details become known of the FBI's investigation into Kundra's Washington, D.C. IT offices. While the FBI has said Kundra is not connected to their investigation of a contractor that was under Kundra's supervision, the appearance apparently is enough to force Kundra to take a leave from the White House. (Read Full Post)