Relax, Burris says he 'don't have no money'

Anyone the least bit concerned of possible impropriety in Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's selection to fill the very vacant Senate seat he is accused of auctioning to the highest bidder can breathe a big sigh of relief.  Yesterday, former Illinois Attorney General Roland W. Burris, the man so selected, assured reporters that "there was certainly no pay to play involved because I don't have no money."Now that's the caliber of eloquence we expect in a Senator, particularly one chosen to replace the uniquely articulate next President of the United States.And the statement's facts are no more solid than its grammar, unless of course the double negative was a deliberate deception.  On top of his six figure Illinois annual pension and his $70,000 combined wages as director of Inland Real Estate Corp, one can only imagine his take as Senior Council for the Milwaukee law firm of Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan.  Oh, and let's not forget his stake in lobbying firm Burris...(Read Full Post)