Hillary's Texas Money Bundler: the rest of the story

Since last November, we've tracked presidential campaign fund-raising efforts in and around the heavily-Hispanic, Texas border town of McAllen, Texas. The money trends there have shifted in the last two months.On November 27, 2007, a piece entitled "Hillary's Texas Money Bundler" focused on Hillary Clinton's remarkable fund-raising success in the 785XX zip code.  Federal Election Commission (FEC) records indicated that Hillary had out-raised Obama $640,000 to $2,086.  Her very successful bundler there was a prominent businessman named Alonzo Cantu.On May, 31, the spread between Hillary and Obama had become her $1,033,944 to his $96,020.By July 22, the fund-raising race was between Obama and McCain. The score at that time: Obama, $120,998; McCain, $108.507.Now, according the FEC reports, Obama has received $152,842, while McCain has climbed to $195,275. Much speculation surrounds how Hispanic voters, who had supported Hillary Clinton, will vote in November. In the...(Read Full Post)