ACORN vote fraud continues (updated)

ACORN, responsible for so much vote fraud in Wisconsin and elsewhere, violated Wisconsin law by employing felons for  its voter registration drive. Milwaukee election officials approved this and were caught out at it. Greg Borowski of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports: An official with the Republican National Committee said Thursday that [ACORN]a group involved with voter registration drives in Milwaukee is "engaged in systematic fraud and attempts to undermine our electoral system." (snip)This week, the Associated Press reported that ACORN had hired as voter registration workers in Milwaukee at least seven felons convicted of crimes including cocaine possession and robbery. Carolyn Castore, state political director for the group, told the AP: "We have a lot of folks with felony records and, frankly, they need jobs."The staff of the state Government Accountability Board issued an opinion April 3 that convicted felons are not allowed to serve as...(Read Full Post)