Astroturfing, the new propaganda plague

If you're reading this article online, you probably do know about astroturfing, but your friends who are less computer savvy do not: Astroturfing is the attempt to create the feeling of a grassroots movement by planting stories around the web through the use of paid or volunteer spammers. The consequences of astroturfing will reach far more people than know the meaning of the term, and I ask you to bring this propaganda technique to their attention.Jim Treacher has led the way in documenting the Obama astroturf effort. One of the people most involved in astroturf activities is Obama's chief campaign adviser,   David   Axelrod. Of him, Treacher observes:[A]fter about 20 seconds with Google, I found this interesting tidbit from the March '08 issue of Business Week. It's about how Axelrod juggles his work for AKP&D Message & Media, his Chicago-based political consultancy business, with his work for another PR company he runs:From the same River North address,...(Read Full Post)