NY Sun: McCain 'more ready for the challenge than is Mr. Obama'

The New York Sun ran an editorial today that lauds the promptness and the wisdom of John McCain's response to the Russian invasion of Georgia. McCain denounced Russia's invasion of Georgia and clearly called it for what it was: an assault on Western values with the goal of weakening a nation striving to become part of the Western and democratic world. The Sun writes that we should not be surprised at the rapid response by McCain (compared to Barack Obama's tardy and weak, initial response-urging "calm") since he was an early critic of Donald Rumsfeld and was an early supporter and advocate of the surge strategy that has worked so well in Iraq.Their view of Barack Obama's approach-not so complimentary.Mr. Obama, meanwhile, framed the issue not as one of values but as one of sovereignty. "The UN must stand up for the sovereignty of its members, and peace in the world," he said, an argument that just as easily might have been used against, say, the liberation of...(Read Full Post)