Iran Photoshopped its missile tests: AFP

Charles Johnson, the proprietor of Little Green Footballs blog where, among other things,  he catches and publicizes  those whose photoshopped pictures and documents have been passed off as authentic by the MSM , has done it again.    Yep, the man who proved Dan Rather's exclusive letter showing how George W. Bush allegedly evaded his military service was phony; the man who documented many of the photographs by Arab photographers in Lebanon during the Lebanese-Israel conflict of Summer, 2006 were manipulated noticed  at least one of the photographs released yesterday by Iran and published by an unquestioning Western media is a possible Photoshop fake:What are the odds of exact duplicate contrails? And note the same billowing of the exhaust at the bottom of the picture.The wire service AFP has now retracted the above photo saying it was "digitally altered by Iranian state media." Why? "The fourth...(Read Full Post)