Powerline Debunks 60 Minutes story on Siegelman

The boys at Powerline, who played a big role in Rathergate, have once again shown 60 Minutes to be a partisan tool. In shocking detail, they have thoroughly debunked the 60 Minutes story last Sunday that purported to show Karl Rove playing dirty tricks on Democratic governor Don Siegelman who is in jail for bribery and mail fraud.CBS's star witness was a little know attorney named Jill Simpson who claimed to be a life long Republican and "opposition researcher." Powerline has a different take:Put aside for a moment the inherent stupidity of this account. CBS aired it without disclosing the fact that Simpson has told her story several times before--without mentioning that she had ever met or spoken to Karl Rove, let alone that he asked her to spy for him. Simpson first came to public attention last summer, when she signed an affidavit about a conversation that she allegedly had with Rob Riley, son of soon-to-be Republican Governor Bob Riley and several others, in...(Read Full Post)