CNN Pro-Obama and Pro-Wright All the Time

On Tuesday, CNN fully lived up to its reputation as left of center, on a day when Sen. Barack Obama was desperately trying to put the Rev. Jeremiah Wright scandal behind him. In particular, the cable news channel's three programs in prime time (8-11 PM EDT) seemed to have their guests selected and their scripts written by Sen. Obama's campaign.Fortunately, CNN puts transcripts of most of its shows online, so interested parties who missed the broadcasts live can still study these endless case histories in liberal bias.Following are representative excerpts (not taken out of context but read the original and judge for yourself) from the CNN transcript of AC 360 which aired from 10-11 PM EDT on Tuesday March 18, 2008. CNN's recent high profile anchor hire Campbell Brown substituted for Anderson Cooper.DAVID GERGEN, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: Campbell [Brown], in my -- in my judgment, it was the best speech of this campaign by anybody, eloquently and thoughtfully addressing the issue of...(Read Full Post)