Before those unpopular Hollywood anti-war films (updated)

Alan Fraser writes: Recently AT featured a blog piece that attempted to explain why the recent rash of anti-Iraq War may be bombing at the box office.  A Washington Post article was cited as explaining why. Film historian Jonathan Kuntz of UCLA points out that most memorable war films appear many years after a conflict ends, when the nation has had time to reflect on the experience and a historical consensus emerges about the war's successes and failures.>> He then cites Vietnam War films.  Huh...Vietnam?  Will the MSM's fixation on Vietnam ever end?  Not every war is Vietnam.Two minutes of internet research demonstrates that during the three years immediately following December 7, 1941, i.e., during the war..."when the outcome was still in question"...Hollywood made scores of films that did well at the box office; a number of them still considered classics today.  They were made to engage the public in order to keep this nation's head in...(Read Full Post)