Are the Obamas Among Wright's Wrong Congregation?

Much has rightly been made of Wright's tirades, but somehow less of the agitated anger of his congregants.  Watching the telling videos, perhaps overplayed on Fox but undeniably underplayed elsewhere, the vision of many black Trinity United Church-goers actually standing and applauding as their pastor free-associated a visceral hatred for this country perturbs even more than the alarming "God Damn America" remarks themselves.Indeed, the politically savvy Barack will wisely distance himself from Jeremiah Wright's paranoid Afrocentric nonsense.  Particularly as it, and his fellow worshippers' reaction, does little to advance his unifying message into which so many guilty-white-liberals have invested their souls. But one can't help wondering whether it was fortuitous timing or political acumen alone that denied us the revelation of the only-recently-proud-of-America-Michelle, her husband and their children also cheering their spiritual leader's hideous words. (Read Full Post)