The media will turn on McCain more in sadness than in anger

Many Republicans who do not agree with him on any number of issues have long been aware that John McCain receives exceptionally good press, and lots of it.  In its analysis of last week's coverage  the Project for Excellence in Journalism found McCain was featured or played prominently in 37 percent of 597 campaign stories analyzed, compared with Romney, at 21 percent. Perhaps even more surprising, McCain topped fellow Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, who were in 34 percent and 32 percent of the stories, respectively.  We all know the media narrative by now. The maverick Republican war hero is the white knight who tirelessly tilts against the dark side of his own party. While watching the media cut away from the middle of McCain's speech last night to go to Obama's headquarters it dawned on me what the next part of the media narrative about McCain might be.  One minute my screen was filled with a shot...(Read Full Post)