Cashmere goats are dying from the cold winter

Have you noticed the absence of Al Gore (global-warming-the-sky-is-falling) in light of the unusually harsh winter across the planet?  Why he wasn't even at the Academy Awards!Meanwhile cashmere goats, and their herders, do wish Al Gore would open his mouth and spew forth some hot air about the perils of global warming instead of hiding under the cover of climate change.At least 600 rare Himalayan goats -- famed for their pashmina wool, also known as cashmere -- have died and thousands face starvation after their desert habitat was blanketed with snow during the region's worst snowfall in three decades, authorities said Thursday.Over 100,000 cashmere goats have faced starvation as winter stocks of fodder ran out after heavy snow covered pastures in the remote Ladakh region near the border with China last month.The PETA people have been unusually silent also.(Read Full Post)