George Tenet lawyers up

George Tenet has engaged counsel to represent him in the investigation of the destruction of the CIA's interrogation tapes of top Al Qaeda figures. According to Newsweek, he's engaged Howard M. Shapiro. If Mr. Shapiro's name rings a bell, it should. He was criticized for his role in Clinton's filegate scandal. Neil Lewis of the New York Times wrote in 1997: Mr. Shapiro became the focus of criticism for several reasons. He is both a close associate of Louis J. Freeh, the F.B.I. Director, and he was at the center of the bureau's internal investigation of the improper transfer to the White House of more than 900 confidential background files in 1993, many of them on prominent Republicans. The files were provided to the White House at the request of Craig M. Livingstone, who headed the White House security office even though he was a political campaign operative without any law-enforcement experience. Mr. Clinton has insisted that the acquisition of the files was an innocent if sizable...(Read Full Post)