Nora Ephron: It's hard to be a Democrat

Mickey Kaus points to Nora Ephron's whining at the Huffington Post, which I'll repeat with my own editorial comments interspersed: It's hard to be a Democrat, don't you think? There's no alternative, of course, but it's hard. [Ed: "No alternative" unless you care to actually think for yourself, I suppose, and you're not merely a lemming voting a cafe set fashion.] Someone asked me the other day to write something about why I was a Democrat, and I had no trouble making a list of 10 reasons. Of course, five of those reasons were the Supreme Court, and the other five were more or less historical -- reasons like FDR, which is not meant to mean Franklin Delano Roosevelt exactly but some fantasy blob of Democratic values that are a distant racial memory. [Ed: "Racial memory"? Whatever is she talking about?  "Fantasy blob of Democratic values" is more to the point -- with the party's leaders and supporters among the richest Americans who...(Read Full Post)