The power of the party

The always worth reading Jay Cost has a great article today on Larry Craig in Real Clrear Politics' Horeserace Blog, which he uses to highlight the limits of party politics. I urge you to read it all and offer up this excerpt to whet your appetite:In light of this, we can tease out a larger insight from the Larry Craig Problem. Larry Craig is not responsible to the Republican Party. He can essentially do what he wants - and the GOP has very few ways to control his behavior. So it goes with all legislators. Accordingly, is it any surprise that conservatives would eventually find that the Republican Party is behaving irresponsibly toward them? The party cannot control the behavior of its members - so how can it make members adhere to conservative principles? What can the "Congressional GOP" do? Ultimately, it is at the mercy of its own members and their electoral ambitions. The "Congressional GOP" is little more than a heuristic device for the 250 or so...(Read Full Post)