The Dumbest Thing Said about Global Warming Last Week

In a week which witnessed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and CNN's Anderson Cooper blaming the California wildfires on global warming to promote their political agendas and doomsday documentary, respectively, one might not expect to uncover any dumber proclamations on the subject.Ah, but this is global warming we're talking about, where those who know the most tend to say the least and those who know the least tend to win Nobel Prizes.   That's why talk show guests the likes of syndicated columnist Clarence Page, who made the same lame assertions on The McLaughlin Group days after the connection was dismissed as rubbish, remained strong contenders. As did the Goreacle himself, who, speaking at a climate change conference in Berlin on Tuesday predicted that should we fail to heed the warnings of the big green scare machine, 2007 would be a year our doomed children will one day look back on and ask: [emphasis mine]"What were they doing? What were they thinking about...(Read Full Post)