Luxe and Luxemburg

The other day French President Sarkozy walked out of a 60 Minutes interview by Leslie Stahl when she tried to ambush him into responding about his personal life. He keeps going up in my estimation.Here was a rare opportunity for a woman TV journo to ask some substantive questions of the most pro-American, pro-free enterprise, potentially transformative French leader of our time and she chose to turn it into some tabloid dreck. Surely, there's a lesson to be had for her and for women interviewers in that act. If you expect to be taken seriously enough to get interviews with world leaders, then you must do your homework and make it a serious interview.Why fight for the right to be taken seriously in the work place if you, yourself think so little of yourself that you won't do serious work when you're there?It is interesting to see what making the newsroom more diverse has devolved into:Katie Couric has "perkified" the news only to find her audience leaving in droves. People...(Read Full Post)