The Conrad Black guilty verdict travesty

More on how stupid the conviction of Conrad Black is, from Beryl Wajsman of the Institute for Public Affairs of Montreal, via Canada Free Press: Innocent of criminal fraud. Innocent of tax evasion. Innocent of racketeering. Indeed the amount Black is now liable for forfeiture is some $2 million which relate to two mail fraud convictions on two of the small non-competes on which there was no main fraud conviction. A far cry from the $90 million the prosecution had set up at the beginning of the trial. And some one-tenth of the cost of this case to the taxpaying public. What he was found guilty of - after the judge's instruction to the jury to resume deliberations - were three counts of mail fraud and one count of obstruction of justice.The critique here is detailed and telling. More than can be excerpted within fair use copyright restrictions, so read the whole thing yourself. Obstruction without obstructing anything; mail fraud without fraud. Is there anyone supervising Patrick...(Read Full Post)