J.R. Dunn on the War

al Ameriki tribe? We have won, The Middle East will never be the same. The Arabs have given us a great honor and we should be humbly grateful and contiue to show the world how it is to be done. We should make a patch for our uniforms with al Ameriki in Arabic.I greatly appreciated  J.R. Dunn's article and analysis of the situation in Iraq.  As a Vietnam veteran, I especially appreciated his analysis of Creighton Abram's strategy in Vietnam.    The men I was with did not have access to the American media, as a result of which we knew that Tet was a great defeat for the Communists and that the VC never recovered.  What I have just said is a searing indictment of the mainstream media.  You see, we were prisoners of war in Hanoi and it was Communist propaganda, reading between the lines, that told us what was going on.  We were better informed than the folks back home because we could understand that we were being lied to.James H....(Read Full Post)