Haditha Trial Sheds Light On NCIS "Investigation"

From the Democracy Project we get more detailed coverage of the first Haditha trial:Sharratt's grand jury-type hearing is the first of the enlisted men charged with murder in the killings at Haditha on November 19, 2005. [snip] Because of time and security concerns, [one of the N.C.I.S. investigators] said, she had interviewed six family members at once, gathering testimony that would form the case against Corporal Sharratt. [snip] James D. Culp, a civilian lawyer defending Corporal Sharratt, suggested that group interviews had been "contradictory to everything you have been taught." Ms. Mannle said she did not have time to conduct separate interviews or review her notes before the marines said it was time to leave. She did not record the interview, she said, because she could not find a recorder, but when pressed by Mr. Culp, she said she never sought to buy one from the post exchange. An N.C.I.S. spokesman, Ed Buice, said in an e-mail message that no federal law...(Read Full Post)