Fred Thompson on the Rule of Law and Scooter Libby

In his recent speech on the rule of law, Fred Thompson discussed the treatment Chief Justice Roberts received during the nomination process, the Department of Justice's handling of the Berger case, and the injustice of the proceedings against Scooter Libby.Here's a sample:In our system all citizens are guaranteed equal protection.  And when we appropriate unlimited resources and give unlimited power and direct it all toward one individual, there had better be extraordinary circumstances.  There were none here.  Just a case of public officials without the courage to do the right thing and stop this farce before it began.  In no other prosecutor's office in the country would a case like this one have been brought.Incidentally, this was shortly after Sandy Berger, the National Security Advisor to President Bill Clinton, received a slap on the wrist by the Justice Department for lying about and then confessing that he stole and destroyed what we think were classified...(Read Full Post)