Putting big media to shame

The editor of the Rome Sentinel in upstate New York has done a fine three part analysis of the Plame matter. Isn't it something to realize that as our major media do such a terrible job on this story, and one small paper can put them all to shame? Webs of incompetence, deceit and politics The Wilson/Plame/Libby episode may seem distant, but local readers should learn about it because it exposes low-level abuse as poisonous as the graffiti and petty crime that corrupted New York City in the early 1990s until people became fed up enough to do something about it. What you tolerate is what you live with. Three successive editorials will expose misbehavior: 1) the web of incompetence, 2) the web of deceit, and 3) the web of politics. The abuse will continue so long as you tolerate it.(Read Full Post)