Hipocralypse Now! (a poem)

The Oscar's burnish slowly wanes, That which bathed those tinsel clowns,As cleaners tease the Kool-Aid stainsFrom tuxedos and designer gowns;Sullied in salute to Hipocralypse,A liberal religion newly forming,Fired with fervor from messianic lips,Big Al's Church of Global Warming.Big Al, and boy, he's getting big,Robust, red-faced when preaching,Has found himself a money gig,With his global warming screeching.It's amazing liberal fools will payTo follow a bigger fool,Who claims to know the one true way,Al's so hot now that he's cool.But wait, back home in Tennessee,Reverend Al reveals some flaws,That to heretics like you and me,Belie his reverence for the cause:An electric bill for just one house,That equals ten for you or me;Just one of four for Tipper's spouse;What's that we smell? Hypocrisy?But Kool Aid kids give Al a passThey let him buy his absolution,Phony carbon offsets to cover his assAnd excuse his gross pollution.You won't see Al in economy cars,Or commercial airline...(Read Full Post)