Why Fitzgerald went off the rails

Azaghal is a new poster at Just One Minute who has made an interesting point I wish to share:"Ranger, I was thinking over your earlier remark:That brings up an interesting question: why was only one person indicted for lying to the FBI or GJ? Based on the testimony so far, Fitz could have indicted virtually everyone he interviewed (and some he didn't).One issue that tends to get lost in all the discussion over the evidence (or lack thereof), the credibility of witnesses (or lack thereof), etc., is this whole question of bringing a perjury charge against Libby. What's lost is the fact that the only reason that Fitz was able to bring this charge is almost certainly because as Special Counsel (in so many senses) he was exempted from the DOJ guidelines for prosecutors.  Those guidelines would have precluded Fitz from indicting Libby from perjury because it is Department policy not to charge perjury unless the false testimony pertained to some criminal violation. For example,...(Read Full Post)