Reality strikes British socialized medicine

So, still believe that socialized medicine is the cure for all that's supposedly wrong with the US's health system?  Tired of  smug Europeans crowing about their supposedly cheap, comprehensive health care system?  And now that the Democrats are about to control Congress, do you need a snappy reply to their belief that government funded health care in the US can defy basic laws of economics?If you answered yes to any of the above why read this on the most recent health care crisis afflicting England's vaunted (by certain advocates here) socialized system.Hospitals in Britain have been told to hold off operating on some patients until they've been on a waiting list for 20 weeks, documents show. The instructions for delaying treatment as long as possible were included in letters sent to hospital managers, who also were told how many operations could be postponed until after the new fiscal year, which starts in April, the Telegraph said Tuesday. The...(Read Full Post)