The archbishop's Christmas carol

Fresh from his trip to Bethlehem, the archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, scurried back to England to pontificate about what he had learned.  Nothing.  Actually less than nothing as a form of forgetfulness or an inability to comprehend the origins of his religious faith seemed to overtake him.In a bizarre form of even handedness he blamed both the victims and the perpetrators for their situation, especially the victims."Every wall we build to defend ourselves and keep out what may destroy us is also a wall that keeps us in and that will change us in ways we did not choose or want."Every human solution to fears and threats generates a new set of fears and threats."Williams said whether it was Israel's controversial security barrier in the  West Bank, Britain's planned renewal of its Trident missile nuclear deterrent system or tactics to protect oneself against harm, defences were destructive."Defences do something terrible to...(Read Full Post)