Justice Breyer's self-delusion

Chris Wallace interviewed Justice Breyer the other day and elicited from him a truly amazing (self-delusional justification of his vote to abridge free speech in the misnamed Campaign Finance Reform  case: The very point of speech in an election is to get a message across. And that may mean, in part, that you don't want one person's speech, that $20 million giver, to drown out everybody else's. So if we want to give a chance to the people who have only $1 and not $20 million, maybe we have to do something to make that playing field a little more level in terms of money. [Emphasis added.] If you accept that at all, you've suddenly bought in to the proposition that there are First Amendment interests on both sides of this equation. And once you're there, you see this problem is complicated. And once you see it is complicated, you begin to factor in to what extent do we defer to Congress. And the answer is going to be quite a lot but not completely. Shrink Wrapped...(Read Full Post)