Don't ever drive in Saudi without a navigation system

The horrible death of James Kim in the Oregon wilderness reminds us of the potential danger in taking a wrong turn. A number of scary movies, such as 2003's Wrong Turn, remind us that uncivilized territory inhabited by barbarians can also be lethal to the unwary who don't stick to the established routes. Our troops and contractors in Iraq have had to avoid wrong turns, and too many of them have died or been injured by making a mistake in navigating hostile territory.News comes from India of an unfortunate soul who made a wrong turn, and ended up on the road to Medina.  From the Newindpress: (registration required)Losing one's way in Saudi Arabia could mean losing one's life. Jojo Joseph, 31, a native of Mariyapuram, near Edathua, in Alappuzha district stumbled on this great truth on Monday. What saved him from the sword was the timely intervention of the Union Government.Jojo, an employee of an electronic firm in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, who had gone to a place near Madina to...(Read Full Post)