Documenting news fakery

Throughout the Israeli invasion of Lebanon we were bombarded by fake photos and dishonest reports, often from local stringers with dubious allegiances. The American Jewish Congress has now put together the real story, detailing in three videos what the mainstream press left out. From report also shows how the use of civilian cover was explicitly part of Hezbollah's strategy. "[The organization's operatives] live in their houses, in their schools, in their churches, in their fields, in their farms and in their factories," said Mr. Nasrallah in a TV interview on May 27, several weeks before the war. "You can't destroy them in the same way you would destroy an army." Exactly what Mr. Nasrallah means is illustrated in the testimonials of the captured fighters. Asked why Hezbollah would risk the destruction of civilian areas by firing from them, Mr. Suleiman replied that while in theory private homes belonged to "the residents of the...(Read Full Post)