Trump Was Tragically Finished Off at the Hand of a Ruthless Assassin -- Himself

  What was Trump thinking?  Why did he invite a super-sized rally crowd to the Capitol on the very day members of Congress were prepared to expose the fraudulent election in front of tens of millions?  Why did Trump erase the chance for anyone, even opponents, to witness proof of the steal? YouTube screengrab (cropped) And why did Trump once more get rolled?  The TV cameras never displayed the electoral count proceedings -- instead predictably captured the Dem orchestrated breach into the rotunda. Trump has been blamed for the mayhem, just as he was blamed for the CCP Covid 19 pandemic, its death toll, economic lockdowns, and stalled Covid 19 relief packages. Unfair, but predictable. A Trump rally on the steps of the Capitol-- just days after the GOP’s utter humiliation in Georgia, aided and abetted by Trump’s own demonization of all things Republican in Georgia thereby suppressing R turnout -- while the Democrat media and...(Read Full Article)
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