Mainstream Media United in Forcing 'President-Elect' Biden Down Your Throat

Few people are gullible enough to believe everything anybody tells them.  But how suspicious is it when nearly everybody seems to be telling you the same thing even though you know of obvious exceptions?  How about when people flat-out lie and misrepresent? Whom are you going to believe: the mainstream media or your own lying eyes? Some skepticism is called for when the mainstream media are so uniformly in agreement about anything, let alone about a hotly disputed presidential election. "President-elect" is the legal term for the person with 270 or more votes cast in the Electoral College, which doesn't even meet this year to cast those votes until Dec. 14, a month in the future. Then, and only then, will we have a "president-elect."  And maybe not even then if the investigations of corruption in several states haven't concluded and hold up certifying state election results. So, at least until then, the correct...(Read Full Article)
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