You want to unite people across borders? Play patriotic music!

The recent decision (later revised) of the BBC to eliminate the lyrics of the patriotic songs "Rule, Britannia!" and "Land of Hope and Glory" from the 2020 Proms provoked a real outcry.  The Proms is short for Promenade Concerts, and the BBC organizes and broadcasts this classical music festival, held predominantly at the Royal Albert Hall in London.  People were canceling their subscriptions to the BBC, feeling that authorities were intent on crushing legitimate pride in a country's achievements and its musical genius by redefining the expression of love of country as subversive and oppressive. Patriotic music and national anthems are songs of praise and devotion to a country's history and struggles, its glory and rich heritage.  Such a song's form is often a march or hymn as it brings up the memory of fighting to protect the nation against its enemies.  Patriotic songs are designed to boost our...(Read Full Article)
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