Will the Trump Administration Finally Seize a Golden Opportunity to Punish Clinton Charity Fraudsters?

Four years ago, Donald Trump's campaign attacked Hillary Clinton for her brazen corruption, deriving personal and political gain from "The Clinton Foundation" in a brutal advertisement as well as on the stump. The TV spot hits Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, on controversies related to her family’s foundation, stating that “staggering amounts of cash poured into the Clinton Foundation from criminals, dictators, countries that hate America” and that “Hillary cut deals for donors.” Photo credit: Trump 2016 ad At that time, we did not appreciate just how far outside strict laws a network of supposed charities had operated, starting Oct. 23, 1997 as Bill and Hillary Clinton flirted with disaster, dead broke with even more looming expenses to come fighting impeachment and a raft of scandals. Thereafter, we saw the miraculous improvement in Clinton family fortunes as simply a money scandal -- not for what it...(Read Full Article)
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