Why Trump Must Never Stop Talking about the Russia Hoax

Rich Lowry has written a pre-postmortem of the 2020 election in which he argues that, should President Trump lose next month, "the story isn't going to be what was done to him, rather what he did to himself."  Lowry contends that Trump routinely frames the election in dire, apocalyptic terms but then focuses so much of his messaging on personal vendettas that he is ultimately "letting his side down."   By his own admission, Lowry acknowledges that asking the president to "modulate" his behavior four years into office is "naive," and he is instead interested in defending NeverTrump Republicans from any possible recriminations should Joe Biden and the Democrats succeed.  In what sounds like a historical allusion to the feelings of betrayal from German soldiers after WWI exploited by an incipient Nazi Party against German leadership, Lowry makes one point quite clear: a Trump loss will be his...(Read Full Article)
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