Why the Democrat Platform Is Boring on Purpose

The Democrat Party Platform, released for public scrutiny on July 27, reads like the late-night, tired comments of a teacher of economics reviewing existing legislation and possible improvements as he prepares for a lecture.  The document lacks verve, originality, and wisdom. The goal in writing the document clearly is not to enlighten, inform, or inspire, but to put the reader to sleep within the reading of three or fewer pages.  In case anyone thinks that's the way platforms "always are," he needs only look at the Democratic Platform of 1936 which, deep into the Great Depression, is written in succinct, lively prose and could be read and found informative by most voters. To say their platform is boring is not in itself newsworthy unless one sees that while this document was being written, and since then, the Democrats have supported so many extreme positions that would and should wake up anyone concerned about the future of our...(Read Full Article)
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