Why Some People Take Q-Anon's Pedophilia Allegations Seriously

In Billy Joel's rock classic, "You May Be Right," he has the memorable lines: You may be right I may be crazy But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for. It's too late to fight It's too late to change me You may be wrong, but for all I know, You may be right. Billy Joel's classic came back to me as everybody seems eager to bash the "Q-Anon" phenomenon these days.  In one of Joe Carter's usual feints at the Gospel Coalition, he offers a listicle of things Christians should know about Q.  First and foremost, it is "the family of fringe conspiracy theories." Carolyn Mimbs Nyce at the Atlantic says it is a "new American religion."  And you know that if you're writing in the Atlantic, there's no way to be an American religion, new or old, in a good way.  While at least acknowledging that concern for child abuse motivates many Q proponents, she goes as...(Read Full Article)
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