Why Communism is Compelled to Destroy Christianity

Most people today see the division in our country as a political one. But, in my mind, that particular divide is a puny pixel in a vast screen. For it is not a mere ideological clash between parties, but a mythic battle between Spiritual Titans.    Why?   Because it is not so much a difference of policy as it is an existential face-off.    Because what America was built on, the bones of our civilization—God, grace, charity, liberty, individualism and self-governance, opportunity over guarantee, free will—are the counterpoints to everything communist.   Because in order for the left to win the heart of America, it must defeat Christianity and Judaism. Completely.   How are they doing this? By lying. By cultivating vines with no fruit. By promising what they can never deliver. By offering wet sand to the thirsty. And by counting on our sloth in the face of outright deception.   There are many...(Read Full Article)
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